Blaine County, Oklahoma: Section 11-16N-11WIM


My siblings and I have a few acres of rights in this section. My brothers that live out that way keep saying we should never sell any portion of this because with so many offers the value is exponential. May be, but the offers I am getting for 1 acre (which is what I am considering selling) is more than I have made on the total in the 40+ years of ownership.

I recently received something legal looking that an application for relief sought: Multunit horizontal well.

My thought is to sell 1 acre as a hedge against the others. Don't want to do that if production is imminent. Can anyone shed some light?

Marathon just finished the Strack 1-2-11XH well in April. You should be paid in October or November. So don't sell now. Nice well! Your next year of value is about to outshine all 40 years. And years after that will possibly be even better with multiple well potential.

The reason that you are getting so many offers is that the section 13-16N-11W has at least seven Bernhardt wells and I suspect your acreage will see multiple wells down the road. This area is one of the hottest in the country. Go online and look up the investor presentations for Marathon, Newfield, Continental, Devon and Cimarex. Pay attention to the STACK portions of their slides.

Thank you M. Barnes.

I knew I was out of my depth here. Waht is a Strack?

STACK is an acronym for an area of Oklahoma that has enormous potential for stacked reservoirs. You will understand when you open the investor presentations. They give all sorts of diagrams about how they will develop the area.

Again - Thank you M. Barnes!!

Hey M Barnes

Just curious you san 13-16N-11W is great is this significant bevcause of an ajacent well?

We are 11-16N-11WIM, sorry to be dense, but way out of my depth

Yes, 13 is significant because it is only a mile away from 11 which has a large number of wells. I am attaching a map so you can see where it is. Go to the Continental Investor presentation. I think it may have quite a bit about the Bernhardt wells. You may have to go to an earlier presentation. Trying to encourage you to hang onto your minerals.

77-BlaineCountyMap.pdf (383 KB)

God Love you M. Barnes!!!!!!!!!!!


Are you in this domain? or just at it a while?

Our family has been in this for 100 years. I am a fourth generation mineral owner and third generation geologist. So at it for a while myself at over 40 years. I do have minerals in Blaine so keep up with what is going on. Just trying to help others get up the learning curve and be good stewards of their lands.

Karen, I am in 16-16-11, so not far from you. I have been getting offers to sale for over a year now. Ms. Barnes is a great resource and very helpful. I decided not to sale and in August of this year a permit to drill a multi unit well was issued. The long term potential far outweighs the short term cash being offered on my opinion.

Well I for one am grateful for the intel.

I am a head hunter in Austin so if you need anything down my way.



I've met Ms Barnes on a number of occasions and she definitely knows her stuff! We usually only differ in opinion when it comes to 'selling' or “not selling”, and even there I think we tend to agree more than not...

The only thing I would say is that you need to do what is best for you - your brothers may be in a different spot (financially or otherwise) than you...You may have a different agenda than they do, or others do. The greatest thing about owning the the choice is yours…

If you don't have to sell, then usually the answer is simply “don't sell”.

Over the long term your minerals should generate cash flows that exceeds any purchase price that you are offered. Us “mineral buyers” buy minerals to make a return on our investment commensurate with the risk we are taking on.

Each mineral investment has certain risks, including:

“Concentration risk” – minerals are similar to real estate and are generally not moveable, location, location, location…obviously, it’s probably one of the top requirements.

“Liquidity” – unlike investments in stocks, etc minerals are not as liquid of an investment.

“Development” risk – timing is important - mineral prices today assume ‘down spacing’ (increased density) - in most circumstances, the economics from one or two wells will not provide a buyer the recovery of the purchase price with a return.

These are just a few of the risks a mineral owner shifts to the mineral buyer if they sell a portion or all of their minerals.

Many mineral owners aren't blessed with a diversified portfolio of minerals spread across multiple sections, counties, or states. Those that are, can sit back and enjoy the diversified nature of their holdings. Other that have concentrated positions, may want to consider selling a little to diversify...but then again, that depends upon location. If you own the best real estate in the county, usually you wouldn't seek to sell it unless you need cash for other purpose (let’s be honest, life likes to throw you curve balls, I know mine has and does)...

Your acreage in 16N-11W S16 is located in a really a great area. I think you should easily be able to get a very hansom amount (even for just 1 acre)…

The Strack well came online in March with a pretty strong level of oil production (23,152 bbls, 24,705 bbls, and 20,954 bbls of oil in April, May, and June respectively. There was also gas production, but the reporting hasn’t caught up yet.

You should be receiving checks soon enough. And if you want to sell you could choose an effective date that permits you to keep the first few months of production.

As I said early on…you are in an envious position, the choice is yours and you don’t have to do anything…

A link to marathon's most recent presentation is below, the discussion on the STACK starts in earnest on page 8, on page 10 the Strack well is mentioned as IP'ing at 1,270 BOEPD (68% oil)- this would imply about 864 barrels of oil, and about 2400 mcf of gas.

The link to Continental Resources' investor center is:

Devon's most recent presentation is available at the following link:

Cimarex's investor center can be reached via the following link: