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I inherited a house in Watonga. I never signed a lease for mineral rights. My understanding is it’s now been pooled. Am I still supposed to receive bonus money? Who do I call to find out? I tried searching OKCOUNTYRECORDS but not getting anywhere.

S19 16N 11W B44 L3-4 partial


Just because you have a house on the surface does not necessarily mean that you have the mineral rights below. They may be been severed back a few generations ago. If you inherited, you need to find the probate documents and see if the mineral rights were included. If so, you need to have your name and address and description of the mineral rights filed with the county clerk. The operator may be holding funds under your ancestor’s name. Or if very old, may be held by the state treasurer’s office.
The current operator that filed for pooling is:
P.O. BOX 269091 OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73126
Contact Name: JESSICA D. HATCHER Contact Phone: 405-996-3395 (It was dismissed in January 2018) They may have title information that might help you.


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Highmark has an open pooling on 19-16N-11W. Looks like the next court date is 8/21/18 but I doubt anything will be done other than a continuance. You would not be due any monies until the pooling is closed or you lease.