Blaine County Minerals

I own mineral interests in Blaine County in Sec 7,8-18N-13W and I noticed Devon's website shows the Cana Woodford trend runs through my mineral area and that they have leases all around this. Does anyone know whether this will be a prospective area for the Cana WF? Had a Morrow well drilled 30 years ago on the land and still very marginal producer. Thx

Jim, we own minerals in Blaine County Sec.21,22,and 17-15N 12W. We are south and west of Watonga if you know where that is. I know we are in Cana Woodford as shown on the map if you go to the Cana Woodford group on this site. There is also a Blaine County Group. We have 3 horizontal wells that are producing mostly gas and a little oil. I don't know about production north of us. I do know there has been a lot less drilling around us.