Blaine County Minerals in 30-17N-13W

I have Blaine County minerals in 30-17N-13W. The most recent offer is $9,000 per acre. I am contemplating selling these minerals but unsure if I should budge now or wait. Any advise is appreciated!

Price is way too low.

That sounds like a good offer, but I, personally, do not know the market value for your minerals in this area, or you personal money needs..

My advice is to do some research and make your own decision. Advising someone to sell or not to sell is dealing in "risky" business, in my opinion.

Good luck,


I don't think that that's a bad offer at all. I have heard of another company paying around 15k pnma in the township below and it is very "Section" specific, so I am guessing they are paying that based on geology. Seeing that you own in Section 30....That my be far enough south to get a little more. Keep in mind, its all a gamble.