Blaine County Mineral Rights

My wife and I are inheriting the mineral rights in Blaine Cty Sect 29 17N, 10W

We was wondering about selling them and need to know what an acre is selling for

Thanks for any help

I would not sell, new well by Deon in sec. 33 came in @1,360 bopd and 2,715 gas

New well started by Marathon 2/08/18 also 2wells going down or already drilled in secs. 27,26, and one in sec.30, also two more in secs. 34 and 35.

Your setting nice. DON'T SELL


I agree with Gary, Acreage in Section 29 has a very bright future. There are major operators close by. You are probably under lease but if not, you will be soon. Whether you lease or sell, you can set your own price so don't use any average prices. Your property appears to be well above average as I see it. Learn more about its value before you commit to anything.

Gary L Hutchinson

I just got one from Bogert for $6000 per acre. We have appr 7.619

Is that an offer to lease or to sell?


That is extremely cheap to sell for in this area. A lot has changed in since they drilled your first horizontal well in your section the “Catalina”. I would be willing to be that you get an increased density proposal soon for multiple new HZ wells.

The unit directly to the South of you, the “Ladd Unit” has made 4-5 times more oil than the Catalina. Also read CLRs press release about the Blurton Density Plot. They drilled 8 HZ wells at over 9 million per HZ well to drill in that unit, and eventually will do the same to yours. The Blurton Density is less than 2 miles from your minerals as the crow flies.

Lastly, in Mineral Deed Book 1277 Page 1 in Blaine County has a transaction, according to the doc stamps of 10,000 per acre. That was just over a year ago.

I lease my mineral rights.