Blaine County interest

I have 10 acres Sec 35-15N-12W and 10 acres Sec 8-15N-12W. Have an unsolicited offer to buy at $4250/acre. Advice and suggestions are most appreciative. The family could certainly use the money during this season of our lives, but wish to not be taken advantage of. Your experience and wealth of knowledge is most respected. Thank-you.

Cimarex has actually spudded a well a few weeks ago on 35-15N-12W. It is the multi-unit Vessels 1H-35-26A.

I own mineral rights in 8-15N-12W, and have received several recent leasing offers in that section.

If it were me, I would sit tight. There is a lot of interest in the Meramac formation at the moment, and there are numerous Woodford wells drilled all around you. If they do hit a good well, there could be multiple wells from infill drilling in future years.

Ditto on the waiting. Unsolicited offers are usually quite low to actual value. Hang tight for a while.

Trent, please abide by the forum rules and post in the market place

Haha. Busted Trent.

I don't know much about this as I am an ordinary mineral rights owner, but don't take the first offer. I was able to almost double what they first offered after dealing with 3 companies. I have mineral rights in Sec. 25-17N-11W that was leased for 3/16th.