Blaine County Continental Resousces

I have an unusual question about a Blaine Co. Well named DonneFIU 1-29-32XHM Continental Resources. It was completed Oct 2020. We have just received our DO. This well is on the same pad that Fire Canyon Ranch well was drilled and was not completed d/t a down hole problem. At the time of Fire Canyon Ranch the lease we had with Continental Resources expired. They did not release the minerals and did not make a shut in payment. Was this handled properly? This has been ongoing for over 2 years. Thanks for any answers to this quagmire. Jean Winter 32-13N-12W

I believe Continental will claim their leasehold is secure due to the clause having to do with “continuing operations”. Get in touch with them and ask if they are claiming that to be the case. Asking questions can never hurt your situation.

Thanks Todd. I think you are probably correct. I’ll call and see what they say.

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