Blaine County 30-19N-11W; 25-19N-12W

My three siblings and I each inherited a total of 8.2245 acres mineral rights in Blaine County including a little over five acres in Section 30-19N-11W (already leasing 2.922 of these acres) and a little over three acres in Section 25-19N-12W (none leased). We were told in selling it, it won't make a difference that some of it is already leased. Over the last couple years, we have received offers to sell the mineral rights, but recently we received our best offer of $2,200 per acre…quite a bit more than any previous offers we have received but a lot less than what I have read in the forum about offers people have received in other sections in Blaine County. I have spent hours reading the forum discussions, but none of the discussions include anything in the specific sections in Blaine County where we have the mineral rights. Is this a good price for our locations? Would we be smarter to hold on to it to see what happens and possibly get a much better offer? Over the last years we have earned very little, if anything, from it.


If you would like, I could take a look at your area on Monday when I get to the office, and let you know if anything jumps out at me. Just PM me if you are still looking for any insights.



Hi Nancy,

We have purchased near your sections before and have offered a tad bit higher than that depending on what royalty you have taken a lease for.

Give me a call or PM me, we may be able to offer more for your family's interests.

Timothy Tran