Blaine and Beaver county mineral rights

My wife and her brother inherited land and mineral rights in Blain county as well as Beaver county, Oklahoma with producing wells on them. ( several hundered acres)

Since they are looking at possibly selling these mineral rights we'd like to asses what a fair value for these would be ( we're not oil people).

What would be the smartest way of going about determining value for these?

Any input or help would be appreciated.

Producing wells? On several hundred acres? Personally, I do not think that a person has to be an "oil people" to appreciate a monthly royalty check.

Know the current market value of your royalties and market to as many investors as possible, ex., online, and see what offers come in. Learn to say "no" to the low-ball offers and don't make rush decisions. Negotiate for the best possible price.

That's about all I have to say about that !

Good luck!


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Mr. Abraas,

If your wife and brother-in-law are interested in selling their minerals, please email me at DELETED. Once I have the specifics, we can discuss their options and come up with a fair value for their interests.



Mr. Abraas,

Your minerals are in a very good spot. The offers in that area are still relatively cheap for now. That area will be getting a lot more attention in the near future by a lot of companies. Do not get in a hurry to sell them. Plus I see that the "Bennett Brothers, LP" has a first right of refusal on those minerals. Make sure the offers coming in are at arms length.

Thanks, thats good information to know.