Blaine 31, 14N, 12W, E/2 NW/4, LOTS 1 and 2

The operator has this HBP. It produced very little in the early 2000's and nada since. I called to complain about the HBP status and got a new lease out of them in 2016 as a gas well. Now the OCC reports that the well was plugged in May because it was uneconomical. I kinda' figured it was a dog all along but was puzzled by the new lease. Now some company spending foreign money wants to buy it. Is there some fantastic cache of oil at a deeper level? I did find that Teton Range Operating purchased minerals from another owner in the same location a few months back. It was included in a sale of thousands of acres in contiguous sections. Please, am I missing something?

Blaine county is one of the hottest counties for drilling in the US.

You have a well pending in that section. Continental has a case before the OCC. Stay on top of any documents you receive from them.

The Woodford and Mississippian reservoirs can be quite fantastic. Don't sell if you have been getting offers. Read the most recent investor presentations from Continental Resources to see what is going on,

Thank you M Barnes. I have come to rely upon you with gratitude. There is more for me to learn. Thought I had searched well. From what source did you learn of the pending well? We are not getting any OCC documentation on this property.

Continental Resources has a pooling pending 201602938 - was set for June 27, so apparently a slight delay.

They already have the spacing done 201602937.

That is my evidence for a pending well. They don't pool unless they plan to drill. I have a subscription service that allows me to look up things quickly. However, you can find the same information on the OCC website. Put the above numbers in the Case# box and you can pull up the documents.

Pull up the spacing hearing first and look at the respondents list. See if you are on there (you are) . See if the address is correct. You should have gotten something. If you are leased, you will not get the pooling notice.

Is there a free way to search for case numbers using only the Section Township Range? Thank you in advance for your response.

Thanks again M Barnes. Basically, ARH has asked my biggest question now. If you don't have a case number, then how can you see the latest activity? Is the case number something you derive from your paid service?

Sec Twn Rng Lookup

You may check on OCC hearings by Sec, Twn & Rng using the above link. The process is a little complicated to set up. Read the instructions carefully. Then click "Case Processing Web Application"

Thanks Soonerpe. You wonderfully intelligent people are going to get me educated yet!

I do get the case numbers from the paid service because I got so frustrated with the OCC site and using a MAC. Soonerpe gave the link to the directions below. Maybe it has gotten better since I tried it a while back.

Thank you!

Thank you!