Blaine 31-13N-11W Citizen

Quick thank you for all the knowledge I have gained lurking here. So now I am getting documents regarding a new well, Brogden 1H-6-31, proposed by Citizen for the above noted property. I inherited a small fractional interest back in 1981 and still get a tiny check from Mustang every year on a couple wells still producing. I don’t have any documentation available on the original lease other than lease numbers on the division orders I received when ownership transferred to me (I was 19 at the time). While there is not much monetary value involved, I have family attachment to the property and want to make sure I protect my interest. Is there anything I should look for, or be aware of with new drilling on lease of this age? I just received an election letter asking me to participate, lease, or assign interest, and chose from 1/8 or 3/16 royalty. Perhaps others with “ghost leases” could gain some insight.

I ignore those letters and do not respond. If you are getting royalties from the earlier wells, were you leased or force pooled? If you were leased, then you may not be able to lease again. If you were pooled, then possibly at this new depth. They might have been hoping you would assign your interest. Personally, I wouldn’t. If you were leased, then you will be held by the terms of your first lease. Nothing for you to do except collect your checks and make sure that your estate plans are safely in place. These horizontal wells can last decades, just like your original wells.

The spacing has already been approved for the Mississippian and the Woodford which are below the Cherokee formation that the Cooley wells are in. Those were some really good wells! And have a long way to go. Hang onto your acreage, in my opinion…