BlackBrush Well Results


BlackBrush just filed a completion report on their Cassidy well drilled just south of Old Mill Creek Road in the Jameison Survey. The first one they’ve drilled in Washington County.

They reported 9 MMCF of gas on a 24 hour test but no oil or condensate. FTP 3200

The horizontal leg went 5357’.


The way I read the report it is only a 2446’ lateral. I heard some rumors that they hit a fault/fracture and lost circulation and had to stop drilling. Pretty decent result for a non-optimal lateral. If you normalized it for a 7500’ lateral, it would be 25-30 mmcf per day.


Thanks for the heads up. I’m always suspicious when they “hit a fault” drilling. Seems almost impossible with all the information that is available. Promising results for the area going forward.


RR, here’s the plat I was going by that shows 5357’ from 1st to last take point. Did you see 2446’ on the completion report?


Trying again since it looks like the plat didn’t load first time.



If you look at the plat attached to the completion report, it shows the lateral “as drilled” to be 2425 feet FTP TO LTP. It does appear something caused it to be short.


Thanks, I was looking at what they’d originally permitted which wasn’t long compared to some others but definitely not where they ended up. Apparently no directional survey filed yet.

BlackBrush is still leasing around there. Be interesting to see their next move.