Black Gold Group LTD

Has anyone had any direct correspondence or dealings with a Black Gold Group, LTD out of Strasburg OH? Specifically a Zach Kilgus is pressing hard for a sale of rights in Wetzel Co. WV? We own approximately 35 acres in the Grant District and wondering if it's worth holding on when offers are coming in around 3,500 ac?


Did he reach out to you directly or did you respond to their letter? We’ve received a few letters from them but have thrown them away because they were very generic.

Hi Mary–Yes, I responded and have been going back and forth. He is a landman for them and appears very willing to negotiate, but not sure how reputable.

Interested to hear what others have to say about their experience with them

Fred, you need to check your inbox.

Do you have any insight to


Just my personal opinion, but I would recommend holding onto your Wetzel acreage, 3,500.00 is low in my view. Many of the generic letters are from companies that simply flip the properties, your 3,500.00 / NMA will be offered for 5 - 6 K within days of closing.

Yes, I agree. We turned down $4,600/acre, knowing our land was recently permit


Were you trying to reach out?

Hi Mary,

Thanks for the information. If the land is currently not leased or permitted does that mean the value is less theoretically?

That I don't know. I'd assume it just means