Bistro Energy via Blue Ribbon Energy 08-08n-05w

Have an September original offer at $1250/3/16/3-yr with two-year kicker (or $1000 and 1/5). Offer has now been increased to $3000 @ 3/16, 3-yrs with kicker dropped.

Has anyone else received offers from Blue Ribbon for Bistro (the operating end of the company) and know anything about the reputation of the company? I can't find anything out there of value. Any recent activity in the area? Please advise. Thanks.

Sec 7 pooled for $3000 3/16, $2000 1/5 and $0 in late 2016, so ask what they are offering for 1/5th. Newfield is probably going to the the operator in the end-just a guess based on the activity in the area. Deskins 1H-7X for the section 7 well is a multi unit north into 6. Spuds in 19.

Quite a few more companies are leasing in 8, so see who else contacts you.

The lease terms are the more important issue. You do not want any post production charges whatsoever, no enhanced, no nothing.