Big wells

We have heard of monster wells in Dawson and Gaines co Are any wells coming in close to IP1000bopd or better? If so where?

There has been an increase in leasing and horizontal drilling activity in southern Gaines and Dawson counties. Several operators are targeting the lower spraberry and wolfcamp formations. The attached slide is from a recent Murphy Oil presentation showing >1,000 bopd IPs in the area. Murphy won bids for University lands at $4,500 per acre as part of this play. Overall Murphy paid an average of $1,300 for 31,000 net acres. Additional well results throughout the area are expected over the coming months.

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Do you know of any good wells recently near Dawson/Gaines border by J Cleo Thompson?

J Cleo Thompson has leased the lands in the lighter gray areas on the map above, shown mainly in Gaines county. The Reagan CSL 297-20 in Gaines has produced about 8,500 barrels per month since June of this year. The Loving CSL 272-7 produced 12,000 barrels in September of this year. J Cleo is continuing to develop the area with other wells in various stages of drilling. Although those results don't show 1,000 bopd IPs for J Cleo so far, this is a newer area for horizontal drilling and the ongoing development indicates that operators are drilling economic wells. IPs will increase as operators learn more about the area.

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