Big Well 23-21N-6W Garfield County

According to Chaparral third quarter press release Pear 2106 in section 24 of 21N-6W had a 30 day IP rate of 1,351 Boe/d which is very impressive for this area. Completion report has not come out yet. New wells have been drilled in sections 25 and 12 with completion yet to come out. I am interested to see what other wells in the area do as my family has mineral ownership in sections 20 & 29 of 21N-5W. Section 29 has a 2017 lease that was just assigned to chaparral and an old well in section 20 holding the lease has just been acquired by deep fork production.

Anyone have anymore info on this area?

There has been no well drilled in Sec24-21N-6W.My cousins and I have the minerals here.The Pear lease is in 23-21N-6W and started production in Oct. of last year.Don’t know about a press release covering the third quarter since the third quarter doesn’t end until the last of June.

Ya your right, the well is located in sec 24 but lease is in sec 23.

Chaparral Third Q release for 2018-