Beyond Horizons LLC Black Rock Resources, LLC

I have been contacted by Beyond Horizons and Black Rock Recources about mineral rights owned by my mother in Dawson Co. MT

Paperwork has the above mentioned names. Has anyone every heard of these guys out of Billings? What has been your experience?

We just recently signed a contract with them. The guy we worked with seemed on the up and up.

Katy, our Dawson property is TOWNSHIP 18 N, RANGE 51 E , SECTION 13: ALL, SECTION 25: N1/2, SECTION 19. We were offered $50/acre by Petro-Hunt in October, but refused it. Could you possibly share with us what terms you got and the location of your property? Thanks, John Rowland Baker Mineral Trust Frederick, MD

Hi John,

Just curious to find out if you did sign a lease and how things are going for you. We signed two years ago, and have not heard anything yet. I would like to know how to find out if there has been any permits to drill on our sections or on any adjoining sections. Right now we kind of know nothing. we signed a lease with Beyond Horizons, Black Rock Mining towards the end of 2011.

Hello Kay,

Did you ever sign with Beyond Horizons and Black Rock resources? If so, has there been any information forthcoming from them about your lease and any activity on your property?

We did sign with Beyond Horizons and Black Rock, but have heard nothing from them since signing.

thanks, Katy

Hi Katy,

The Baker Mineral Trust has not leased with any company yet. I noticed recently that Petro-Hunt got approval to drill on T18-R51 -Section 26, right next to our section 25. However, the small bonuses and low royalties offered so far do not seem worth signing a lease.

Thanks, John Rowland

Katy or John,

Do you have a phone number for Beyond Horizons or Black Rock Resources? I own a mineral interest in the E/2 of Sec. 4, Township 19 North, Range 54 East, and I'm interested to see if there is production there or if they are leasing in that area. Thanks for your help.