Best way to learn about well activity in Blaine County

What is the best way to learn about well activity - current and proposed in Blaine County? We have mineral rights in 8-15N-10W. Thanks for your help.

Susie. There are a number of commercial data services available..but also a number of free sources as well..

the oklahoma corporate commission’s website provides information on E&P. You can search for the well records in your section and see if there are any permits.

Additionally, you should have received notice from the operator if your section was polled into a unit.

I’ll take a look and let you know what I find, just happened to be a bit busy today.



Susie, you have a well in 8-15N-10W. It was spud in 17 so you have to hunt for it there on the OCC website. Fleenor 8_5-15N-10W 1HX

It was completed in August 2017. You should be getting a Division Order any minute from Devon.