Best Strategy following Pooling notice and offer from 3rd party to lease the minerals

Staghorn has given notice that they are pooling S35 18N 5W. Coincident with the pooling notice, I have received an offer to lease my minerals at a price equal to my offer to Staghorn which I assume is being rejected since Staghorn has not responded with acceptance or counter offer. The 3rd party has stated an interest in participating in the drilling. What are the experiences, good and bad of leasing from such a 3rd party, assuming the lease that is obtained is a good lease?

If Staghorn already has more than 50% working interest, they are not motivated to lease your interest and they would rather pick-up your acres in pooling. The third party guys have one shot at participating (via your mineral interest). I'd try to strive to increase my royalty interest to 1/4 first and get a smaller cash lease bonus. Most third party guys have a portfolio of investors that want to participate in the STACK. You should be able to make a really good deal.

When leasing to third parties, I have been successful at negotiating a higher cash bonus and the 1/4. Third parties do not have the high overhead expensive that operators have and are willing to pay more.

You must move quickly to get within the 20 time frame of the order. I have found third parties to be much more easy to deal with to get higher bonus numbers and a better lease with terms I want.

I have leased the 70 A I control to Ace Energy in Okla. City for $2750/A bonus and 1/4 royalty interest. I have a clean lease, especially in regards to the no-deduct clause.