Bertha 1-32/29/20H

Bertha is in Hughes County, sec 5, 6N 10E. Signed a lease with Trinity Operating on 4-10-2017, a bonus was received. Never heard anything after that. Spud date was 6-7-2018, drilling finished was 7-17-2018, first Prod date was 12-30-2018. My question is, did they drill and find anything? I’ve tried contacting them, they’re response was a well location plat map. This is very frustrating. Thank you.

There is reported production for the Bertha wells on the OTC production site. Bottomhole location for Bertha 1 is 20-7N-10E. The others show up in 29-7N-10E.
All four wells show production for this year.

Most likely your funds are “in suspense”. You could try a certified letter with all of your contact information and ask to be put into pay status along with any back interest.

Contact the operator, it is possible that they found an issue with your title such as a missing probate. I agree with PeteR to send a certified letter, but also use telephone and email to contact the company.

What section are you in? If you are in section 5 then there are no perforations in section 5 for that well. They were using section 5 for the well surface location and to have room to make the turn before the well went north into 32 and 29. If you are in 32 or 29, then you will have royalties from the wells. (All four of them.)

You can look up the information about the wells on the OCC well records site. Type 0506N10E into the legal location box. If you look up the surveys for the Bertha well, then scroll down to the bottom, you can see a map for each wells and where it went. The completion interval is in a bold black line.

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I’m also a part owner in the Bonnie, Sec 20 7N 10E. The royalty checks are almost nonexistent. Is she still a functioning well?

You can look up the production for wells on the OK tax site. It is usually running about four months behind.

Gross Production Type in 20 07N 10E. You can see on of the Bertha wells in that section as well. Frequently, the bottom hole location has the production information. If you search for “Bertha” in the LeaseName box, you can see all wells that have Bertha in the name. The four in section 32 & 29 are listed near the top of the list. Bonnie is still producing at low rates.

That explanation seems to be a good fit for the facts.

As M_Barnes notes, the Bonnie well is still producing a few hundred MCF of gas each month.

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