Beneficiary of mineral rights

My father has passed away. My mom is trying to work through the death paperwork. How do you change the name on mineral rights payments?

Are you talking about royalty payments from a well? If so, then she needs to have the appropriate documentation filed in the county where the minerals are located (probate or Affidavit of heirship, etc). Then send the recorded copies to the operator of the oil and gas well. She will need to send that to their owner relations/Divison Order department along with a list of all the heirs with addresses.

Just let us know if you have any other questions about it!

What state did your father own minerals? How to change the name may also depend on whether your father and mother owned as joint tenants or if he owned the minerals in his name only. There will be different paperwork needed. If your father owned in his name was there a will or trust? There may also be a need for a probate.

Welcome to the Group: First of all, sorry for your loss. You need to have an attorney located in the state where the minerals are located to review how the property was titled. Also, some individuals have set up a Transfer on Death Deed, so you might not need probate at all. No matter the situation, there is an answer. You just didn’t provide enough information in your question.

My father’s mineral rights are in Grand Prairie Texas. We do have an attorney who took the will to probate. Perhaps she would be the first step.

My father’s mineral rights are in Grand Prairie Texas. My mom was not on the paperwork. The will has been probated. The checks are being held until the name change is complete. We just did not know where to start.