Being charged county business taxes?

I own mineral rights in Williams County, ND. I live in Oregon. I signed a lease for the mineral rights in 2017, received a signing bonus, and have been getting royalties.

Recently I have been getting tax bills for the years 2017-2022 from the county in which I reside. They say that I owe them presumptive taxes for running a business in the county (Multnomah County, OR).

I am confident I am filing taxes correctly. I used a tax expert in ND for the first few years and have been doing them myself since.

Has anyone here experienced this or have suggestions?

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This would be a question of Oregon state law and your county laws. An Oregon corporate / business lawyer can advise you. Be sure to give all facts, such as did you set up an LLC or partnership; are you renting office space; are you reporting on Schedule E or D on federal return and how reporting on state return.


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