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My family has 80A of minerals in the Marcelo Alcorte Survey, A-70, Bee County which has been under lease to Pioneer Natural Resources, set to expire 02/20/2012. Pioneer is not extending the lease. I would like to hear from someone who is actively leasing for a petroleum company in that area.

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We have unleased acreage in the area also. I'll be glad to let you know if I get any offers & appreciate it if you would do the same. Good Luck!

My family have minerals rights in the A-209 Geo Kerr parcel and we want to know if there are any movement in the area to invest in workover old wells or dill new wells. We want to lease.

Our family has inherited some rights on the Theodore Plummer subdivision sections 26 & 29 of 240 & 160 acres. This is has some production thru Pioneer. We also have some other that Spindletop has capped, I dont have the land particulars right now. Is there much going on here? We would like to establish values if we ever want to sell off these rights.


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