Beckham County, OKlahoma Sec10 8N 21W Request to lease after 15 years

It has been 15 or so years since anyone showed an interest in leasing this section. We have 240a minerals AND surface in this section. The 240 runs right through the section. Small company in OKCity contacted us offering $50, 3years, 1/8. We promptly said no thanks. Have spoken to Land Man with GLB several times since.

He is using what seem to almost be bullying tactics to convince us to sign. Says if we don't we will be pooled. I said fine. Pool us. We aren't in a hurry and GLB seems to be. So ... pool us. He uses language when he mentions pooling as though it's a bad thing. Strange. Because we've been pooled before and didn't mind one bit.

Latest offer is a choice ... $50a for 1 year, 3/16 OR $75a 1 year 1/8. He says it is the same we'll be offered if we are pooled. Except the pool will be 2 years.

I don't believe him.

I told him we are going to discuss and get back with him and that if they get tired of waiting to just go right ahead and pool us.

So. Anyone having a similar experiece? Or had one in the past? I don't recall a Land Man ever being in such a pushy hurry before this.

Thanks for any comments or advise.


Mr or Mrs. Evans, if you would like further insight/advice please feel free to contact me, I have sent a request to you as I do not wish to broadcast on a public message board.