Beckham County, OK questions


I have a few questions: (1). Does anyone have an opinion about joining the Oklahoma Mineral Owner Registry? (2). Four Point Energy just released the mineral interest in Sections 12 and 14 - 10 Township North-25 Range West (except for the existing shut-in well bores). Before this was done, I had offers from the Dudley Land Company and The Red Resources Co. to top lease which I declined. Anyway, Should I contact other companies (such as Le Norman, etc.) to see if they would be interested in leasing these minerals for drilling a horizontal well??? At one time (2007), section 14 had a great well. I own a 160 acres of minerals there. (3). I own 105 acres in Section 11. Four Point has drilled a horizontal well between sections 2 and 11. I’ve been told that this well (Rollie) is producing but not sure when I will be receiving a royalty check. Does anyone have information on how this well is doing?


Let me address just one part of the question. Oil and gas leases are almost always purchased rather than sold. In other words, if a company is interested, they will contact you. contacting a company is almost 99.999% of the time, a waste of time.


Thank you for your quick response.

  1. I do not belong to the Oklahoma Mineral Registry. Most of the landmen I have talked to go to the county sites, not the registry.

  2. If someone wants your acreage, they will come looking for you.

  3. Rollie 2X11-10-25 was spud May 14, 2018. Since it was a two section well spud from 14, it probably took about four-five months to drill and complete. That would take it to October or November. The OK Tax site has the well listed under section 14 and an active date of 11/21/18. That means that you might get a Division Order by April or so and payment should be by May. The production is listed on the tax site, but is a bit behind. With 105 acres, you will have a nice piece of the well. Are you sure you own the whole 105 acres or just a smaller undivided piece of it. The lease may have had the gross parcel, not the net.
    Gross Production


Why pay annual fees? They are not recognized as a official registry. If your name, address, etc changes, you can file an affidavit for a one time fee in the county where the minerals are located.


Thank you for the response - I do have 105 acres of the mineral rights in Section 14. My lease at Four Point paid me per acre. I use to get good checks on the Roscoe well when it was active. I just hope something happens again in Section 14 where I have 160 acres of mineral rights!


Thank you for your quick response. That makes sense to me!