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Hello ,? is there any body out there?


I have property in Beckham and would like to know if anybody is leasing out there.

Where is it located and i will look it up. There is plenty of activity in Beckham right now.

Thanks Matthew, I just got a response back from Chesapeake/Arrowhead and they said that they were no longer interested in my area. Its Section-33-10N-24W 160 acres (37 net) any info you could give on who may leasing out there would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You very much, I will call them. Do you know what section this lease was in? I dont know what I can do to return the favor but if there is anything I can help you with please ask. I will keep you posted on what happens.

Cordillera Energy Partners just signed a 1/5 three year lease with Mekusukey Oil in December 2011.

You can call them up or hire a landman or attorney to try and get you a lease.

The lease was in your section.

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My grandfather left us some mineral rights in Beckham Cty T11N R22W Sec30. It is under lease and we received a letter from Chesapeake regarding a “shut-in” from the original lease and a check for $1.25 according to original terms of lease. They explained the “shut-in” as part of an agreement in original lease if the well is no longer producing. I’m trying to get a copy of the original lease but it hasn’t been easy. Any suggestions - should I accept the “shut-in” payment? do I have a choice? anyone producing in the area?

We’re in section 32.

You just never know what is going to happen. In the mail today I received some mail from an OKC law firm. It is a notice to increase well density, this is a good thing, but I was surprised as I thought I would see some other activity. You just never know, so be patient and do not sell your mineral rights.

Where is the action right now in Beckham? Is there any current leasing activity in 9N 26W in Beckham?

Google “HOGSHOOTER FORMATION”. This is a very big play and it looks like Beckham County might be the sweet spot.

Be patient, you will probably be getting other offers, but Chesapeake seems to have most of the area under lease.

I can find 25 drilling permits since the beginning of the year for Beckham County.

What Section are you in?

OK. WIll do!

Looks like the action is up at Sweetwater right now, but be patient they will come down there if Chesapeake nows what there talking about.

My family’s leases are in Sections 11, 12, and 14, T9N-R26W

Is there anything going on there? Chesapeake wants us to sign new leases.

They did a pooling in December and then dropped it. Is Beckham county fairly active now?

Chesapeake was supposed to start a well on 24-11N-21W in August. We were told that it had been tabled due to low gas prices. Does anyone know about that area?