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Please, Also include..........any & all your problems you have had. Clinton, Georgetown, we need your input too ! Many Thanks.........


We have 5 well pads in the neiborhood and can’t wait for the pipe lines to get started. Frac baby frac.


Nancy no problems at all, the pad is 850 feet from the farm and the drillers were a stand up crew. They direct traffic if need be, and keep the road clean. We have a 850 acre unit and are the sixth largest land owner in it. We signed with CHk and they worked with us all along the way. We were part of a land group and got the lease we wanted. We were paid well and received our bonus money in a timely manner. I hope we get some traffic here but have found not very many people are well educated on the shale play around here. Any questions I would be happy to help as I have studied the play for some time. Mtn Jack


My dad signed a very poor gas lease 5 years ago, which will be expiring soon. Unfortunately, the current lease has a clause indicating it will be automatically renewed in 60 days with similar terms. So one question is has anyone gotten out of this type of lease? If so how was this done?

He has contacted an attorney, Richard Milesky Jr. Mr. Mikesky will be reviewing the current lease for $400. He should be getting back to my dad soon. Depending upon his recommendation my dad is considering hiring him to re-negotiate the lease for 5% of the initial lease payment that Mr. Milesky negotiates (at least that is what my dad said). I would like any opinions on Richard Milesky Jr. and if this type of fee seems reasonable.

Thank you for your help.


Any recent offers to purchase mineral rights?