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Has anyone had recent drilling activity on your property or a recent lease agreed upon? It appears they may be preparing to do something on our property

I have property in Evans , Vernon parish that has been offered to lease by a company,and am wondering how it is going for ya ?and if there is any news for that area .?

I am a landowner in Beauregard parish (20 acres), and have been offered a lease by Suncoast Land Services, inc. who represents El Paso energy. I am in section 12, 6S, 9W. The offer is for $200/acre, 1/4 royalties, and 3 years. I apparently have land in or near the "east cow pen extension area." I am new to this and looking to see if anyone else has had offers and if these numbers ($200, 1/4 royalties) look like what others are being offered.