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Hi, Just wondering if someone can tell me how this site is faring: SE/4 3-19N-8W in Kingfisher, Ok.

I am receiving a small monthly check ($100.00) and I have been receiving offers to sell it. Thanks a bunch, Shirley



Are you getting paid on the Copeland or Coronado 1-3H? There is some increased drilling in the township. I expect future infill drilling sometime in the future. Probably why you are getting offers. Chisholm is very active.



Thank you for your helpful response. To answer your question, I know very little about the property and neither of those drilling companies are familiar. I do receive a small check from Sunoco. Can you direct me to a reference source about the property? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.



Your best reference is to contact Sunoco and ask them to provide you with a copy of your lease or force pooling that holds the section.
You can keep an eye on the section at the OCC for free.Test

You can also find production dates at Gross Production

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Thank you! You are wonderful!