Basic Conveyance Question

Hello! I received a lease offer for an area where I have minerals. I responded asking about a nearby area of the township/section/range that I would have expected to be included in the lease offer, but the landman indicated that those minerals were already leased. I did some checking and found that he was correct and that they are currently leased. Very basic/newbie question: I believed that the land conveyed was unleased. Now that I know there are active leases, but the ownership has been conveyed to me, is there anything I need/should be doing or is this standard? Just confused about how this works. Thank you!


If I were in your shoes, I would contact the leasing company and ask for a copy of the lease. It is important to find out if there is any development or when the lease might expire. They will likely ask for documentation about the conveyance so that they can properly send royalties and/or lease renewal documentation.

Hope this helps!


Very helpful! I have the lease expiration dates. Thank you for your response!

You also need to find out who the operator is and get yourself into pay status. Otherwise the royalties may go to the previous owner for a while. Some of them may or may not be inclined to give them back. Contact the Division Order department.

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