Barrels of Oil/Water per day

Good Evening, I have a well (RJTITUS) in Burke County, ND. Is there any place I can find the latest information on about how many barrels per day of oil, and barrels of water is being taken from the well?

Is there a web site or a place to find out?

Thank you very much for any information you can give me.

Your wells legal description has it in 160-93 section 20. From the NDIC O&G Division $50 a year basic subscription

Feb. 2,765 oil produced, 1720 sold, 32,765 bbl water

Mar. 5,812 oil produced, 6,193 sold, 13,433 bbl water

Apr. 3,132 oil produced, 2,669 sold, 4,876 bbl water

April is the last month I have figures for and of course it's by the month. I have no earthly idea besides the operator where you could get daily figures. May's figures ought to be out soon. Hopefully the trend of more oil than water will continue although I think water is less of a problem than many, you just need a convenient place to put the water, which will happen even if it takes awhile for infrastructure to catch up.

Thank you Mr. Kennedy for the information!!

At least I have some idea of what it is doing. It's been 5 months and haven't heard a word, or no royalty check. So wanted some kind of idea how it was doing.

I appreciate your response!!

I would like to get the latest on my well, and Mr. Kennedy sent me this.

NDIC O&G Division $50 a year basic subscription

Where do I get more information on this?

Thank you!!