Barnett well in Grady Section 14-06N-05W

We have 12 mineral acres in this section that are tied up with the Barnett well operated by Bays Exploration. We have only received about $90 over the last two years from this well. It appears the well did present some problems for Bays; spud In October 2011 completed in Jan. 2012 but first production was not until 2013. At one point only produced 42-45 bbl / day. So Unless Bays decides to do something different I don’t see much revenue coming out of this hole. I think Bays drill permit includes a 640 acre unit.

Will it make any difference if another company comes in to work the area? I asked back in November about activity in this area and I believe Camino had plans for permitting but pulled out or was dismissed? Recently, I tried to look for other activity in this section and it looked like Camino was back with request for multi-unit permit?? If our interests are HBP with the Barnett then we probably will not benefit from any other work in this area , will we?

The answer depends upon whether you were pooled for the Barnett well or if you have a lease and whether that lease has a depth clause. The Barnett well is still online so you are held by whatever instrument controls it. The Barnett well was drilled originally in 1979. It was completed in the Simpson as an oil well. Rumbled along for many years at about 200 bbls/month. It was deepened in 2011 and recompleted again in the Simpson. Looks like Continental Resources was leasing in the area in 2020, so that might hint at some future horizontal activity in another reservoir. A water disposal well was drilled in 2019, so that is encouraging. There is horizontal activity in the surrounding sections, so there if your current lease holds you at the deeper depth of the Simpson, you may benefit from any shallower drilling in your section (such as the Woodford). I do not see anything from Camino.

Thank you Martha. We have a lease but can not recall specifics. Need to dig out that lease. Reading up on the Continental Springboard project it looked like our section is just outside of their area of interest but like you said there may be hope for something. 12 NMA should be a nice payout if they work our area. So I take it that the water disposal well is an indication that there are plans drilling in this area. I get that. Well, guess we shall see how it all plays out. Thanks again for your in depth (pardon the pun) research.

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