Barnett Schale

Does anyone know of activity in Jack County, Texas?

I was recently contacted about leasing my mineral interests in the N P Overby survey, A-452, in Jack County.

It looks like there are five rigs running: 4 oil and 1 gas.

2939-JackCounty_Barnett.PNG (72.2 KB)

Could someone tell me where N P Overby survy, A-452 is located in Jack County?

I just received a an offer to lease in A-2175 AT Smith, 160 acres @ $175 per acre, 1 dry hole two old but still producing wells, and four new permits to drill..??? Defiantly not taking the offer, but problem is their are 20 other family members and I only know 4 of them..??? Where do I start...??? Shares are 3 acres, with $583 bonus, and 3/16ths royalty..?? How can their be a royalty if they haven't drilled..??