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The oil and gas market continues to move east, from the Ohio River, through Wetzel, Tyler, Doddridge, and Harrison, and it is now on its way to Barbour County. If you need assistance with your oil and gas leases, please visit We help mineral owners get the most out of their property (lease bonus, royalty, and, perhaps most importantly, the fine print in the lease).

Anyone on here familiar with Coal Rights in WV?

Well, I hate to say it but oil and gas leasing in Barbour County has all but ended for the time being. The big player, Consol/CNX has suspended leasing in this county. I'll be checking in with them periodically, because I have a couple of clients who were negotiating leases and/or modifications with them before the leasing freeze. I'll post an update when things start back up again.

Has anyone dealt with Arsenal or Mar Key, LLC in Barbour Co.? We got an offer to purchase our interest in mineral rights. Property is 208 acres, in which we have an interest of 1.5 acres. They are offering $900, which seems a little low. Any info would be greatly appreciated.