Bankruptcy of Sheridan Production

Has anyone got anything from the class action against what was Sheridan Production?

Also, as part of the bankruptcy proceeding my old well, the Troini-10, 10-5N-5W, Grady County, was sold to FDL Operating LLC. I contacted FDL to see if I had any royalties coming from that well and was told it was shut in by Sheridan prior to bankruptcy and they did not know the date of shut in. Of course, Sheridan did not tell me it was shut in or when it was shut in. Sheridan is now Sunrise Oil and has no phone number or address listed on line. How do I find out when the well was shut in and if I have any royalties that should be paid to me?

The Troini well has been online since 1993 until Dec 2019, so a long history of production and royalties. You may have to put a claim on it in the bankruptcy process. Check the paperwork you have received.

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