Ballpark estimate for selling rights in NW montague county tx

Just hoping to get a general estimate on how much we should ask for our mineral rights and where to find a map of mineral rights

What is the property description?


The Abstract Number or Survey Name would help. Any idea of the amount of interest and acreage? Are the minerals producing? If you can get as much of this information as you know, I can ask around to some of the locals to see what the interest might be and what someone might offer.

There has not been much new drilling activity in Montague County since the downturn in 2014-2015 in the NW part of Montague County. Before the downturn the Barnett Shale horizontal drilling had reached Stoneburg, but the Barnett Shale will stop at the Muenster Arch which is somewhere South of Ringgold supposedly. There are some old vertical wells spotted throughout the NW of Montague County. I see maybe 3 new veritical wells have been drilled in the whole NW quarter since 2015.

I do not see any leasing there since 2015 unless you are nearly to Nocona.