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Could you give some additional details about your situation. Just because the well ownership has changed, this should not have any effect on the royalty checks unless production was stopped.


I agree and Texon was paying the royalties up until last October and I questioned them on why no checks.

This is what I received from Texon: "

Mr. Williams,

In response to your recent inquiry, we have not purchased production on the referenced well since October 2010. To date, we have not received any communication from the operator regarding the current status of the well. Please feel free to contact the operator (Jones Energy) directly for more specific information. See below"


I do think that production was down somewhat over the winter, but not from October.



I am very familiar with Montana even though I reside in Texas as I have minerals in Roosevelt County. If I were you, I would contact the Montana Oil and Gas Commission (contacts on their website) and verify what occurred in regards to production on this well from October to present. I have contacted them in the past with various questions and they were always helpful. I generally email them as i like responses in writing.

I’ve used this website/database to look up oil production on a well in Montana that I receive oil royalties from, there is alot of info in there. When you use this site, just click on LOGON, you dont have to put any userid or password.…

hope this helps:)

Miss SC,

Sorry, but I can’t seem to get any information from the MBOGC site??

Our oil well has apparently been sold to a different company and the royalty checks have stopped coming since last October.

What is with that?


You have indicated where this is located (State) but you can contact the State agency that regulates oil and gas operations in the State and they should have all records of sales regarding wells in the State.

The well is in Montana.


I meant to say you have not indicated what State this well is located in.


If you can’t access the information, go to their website and get the contact phone number and call them with your question.

In researching well activity in Williams Co. I’ve noticed some old “plugged and abandoned” wells on my property. Is there any way to tell if they ever produced? We certainly never received any royalties.


You could contact the NDIC and they should be able to help you. Be sure to have a description (Township/Range/Section) where these P&A’d wells are located. I have contacted them via email on several occasions and got prompt responses to my questions.

Were you there working for them, too?

Chesapeake has delayed or refused to complete other purchases in that region as well, the lawsuit states.

“Chesapeake has convinced numerous leasehold owners in Michigan to sell leases to Chesapeake instead of other prospective purchasers, and then manufactured alleged title defects or other alleged justification not to close the agreements after discovering negative information concerning the zones within the Collingwood range,” according to the lawsuit

In Michigan the main reason that they did not consumate many leases as the gas turned out to be a lot less than expected by far…!!!

NO, There was a big article in the WSJ about how Chesapeake had bought many acres of mineral rights(including a friend of mines) and were drilling some test wells and they all fell WAY short of what the Sonar had shown and so did not complete many of them. I assume they all had the same 45 business days to bail out(9 weeks), so pretty easy to save some money on a failing project!

I am trying to find out how to research for minerals ownership. When my father passed away, in his belongings, we found an offer letter to purchase his minerals in Montana, which he inherited from his parents. I have actually been contacted by several interested parties from Texas and Oklahoma, trying to locate my father as heir to mineral rights. I now find myself with mineral interests in Wise County,Texas and Oklahoma, all producing. I feel my grandparents owned many mineral rights throughout the US, and would like to know how I can proactively search to find out, instead of having them search for me.