Bakersfield Mineral Rights Leases

Hi everyone! I hope all is well. Just a quick question, does anybody here knows how much the companies are currently paying to lease in Bakersfield California? The last time I checked the likes of Vintage Petroleum and Oxy are paying up to $50/acre and 1/8 royalty. Has there been some movement particularly in Bakersfield? appreciate responses from peope with personal knowledge on this.

Many thanks,


Hello Steven.

Rental and royalty rates vary in Kern depending upon where you are located and the net acreage you hold. $50 is a fair price right now since it seems that most companies are leasing fill-in acreage these days. 1/8th royalty is too low unless you have a fairly small interest. It should be 1/6th with the potential for 3/16ths for larger acreage.

Hope this helps!