Baker 2-29 Coffeyville Resources

We signed and returned a division order from Coffeyville for 29-5N-3W NW/4 in June 2018 but have not heard anything further. What are we to expect. As this was leased many years ago to another operator when my father and mother were alive is it unreasonable to request a copy of the lease they are operating under? Our decimal interest is only 0.00013077 RI. What does this mean?

Coffeyville operates some very old fields which they took over from other operators. You can ask for a copy of the lease, but they may not have it or it is “in storage”. The decimal interest is derived from a formula that is net acres/spacing acres x royalty x % perforations in your section. If they are operating a very old well, then the last term is not relevant since it is for multi-section wells. Your check should change from the previous operator to Coffeyville. If it is a water flood, then that is a different story. Is this the Baker 2-29 or did it have another well name on it.?

Their description just says Baker 2-29.

That well has been online since 1985. Ir was fairly stable until late 2-15. It is still online, but barely. I wouldn’t expect too much left in royalties.

Ms. Barnes Thank you your input.