Bait and Switch?

Hi all. I am brand new to this site and this subject. I have a long story and need a little insight.

I was called by Springbok Energy and asked to sell some mineral rights. They gave me the legal description and it was in a hot area. Well I realize that I do own some mineral rights in Lea County NM, but not the legal description they gave. So, I called the courthouse, I called abstract companies, and ultimately hired a land man to give me further information as Springbok would not. No one could find any of this information. Now they are contacting my sister and brother as I would not sell without some proof of ownership and without signing a contract that was a blanket contract stating Lea County ownership instead of the exact location. How else do you go about this? Why do they keep calling if we don't own that area? I also found out we own quite a large area, about 1 section in Chavez county and I don't know how to find out about that one either. I feel kind of lost with all this stuff!! Thanks for some insight!!

Hi, Deborah -

If they haven't studied the records, then how did they come up with your and your Sister's names?

If they can't or won't provide you information about how you came to own the interests they are trying to buy, then they aren't a very professional group. I suggest you just politely turn them down.

If you really do own mineral or royalty interests in Lea County, NM, especially in the Southern part, there will be other, perhaps more professional organizations that will be contacting you.

In the meantime, if you want to try studying the records of Lea County yourself, try

They should have everything you need except Court Records and Probate Records.

I think I saw where another website has records for Chaves County, but I'd have to look for it. I know their County Clerk's Website has a way to research their records.

Hope this helps -

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas

I can help. I have a landman that is in the area. Please feel free to reach out and I can go over some options.

You can do free searches on courthousedirect without signing up for an account. Search names of persons who might have purchased minerals, royalties, etc.