Bailey County, TX land wanting to lease for oil exploration

We have 350 acres in Bailey county, TX we have mineral rights on but are farming on it now. We were told there may not be any oil in our area, but seems to me there should be something there. We are very close to New Mexico and also south and north of activity. Does anyone know of someone who may be interested in leasing?


From 1/11/1980 thru 04/01/1987 six wells were drilled for oil/gas in Bailey County. All six are listed as status: "Dry Hole". No other oil /gas permits have been issued since 1987 for Bailey County.

01730096 8A ROBERTS, MERLIN 1 ROBERTS, MERLIN(717650) BAILEY Submitted: 01/11/1980 Approved: 01/11/1980 069327 Vertical New Drill N 6,434'

01730096 8A ROBERTS, MERLIN 1 ROBERTS, MERLIN(717650) BAILEY Submitted: 12/23/1980 Approved: 12/23/1980 104893 Vertical Reenter N 6,434'

01730097 8A ST. CLAIR, B. J. 1 TOWNSEND THE CO.(862932) BAILEY Submitted: 02/05/1981 Approved: 02/05/1981 107592 Vertical New Drill N 5,600'

01730098 8A CANNON 1 LOVELADY, IKE INC.(510305) BAILEY Submitted: 10/16/1981 Approved: 10/16/1981 136807 Verticle New Drill N 4,496'

01730099 8A GOLDEN 1 ENSERCH EXPLORATION, INC(253210) BAILEY Submitted: 06/10/1983 Approved: 06/10/1983 197965 Vertical New Drill N 9,200'

01730100 8A SANDERS 1 ARCO OIL & GAS CO.(029340) BAILEY Submitted: 11/18/1983 Approved: 11/18/1983 221451 Vertical New Drill N 8,450'

01730101 8A MORTON LEASING INCORPORATED 1 BRIDWELL OIL CO.(092480) BAILEY Submitted: 04/01/1987 Approved: 04/01/1987 328518 Vertical New Drill N 8,300'

Clint Liles

It seems a shame that no one has drilled since then. I guess once there is no oil, does that mean there is no oil? I know in other counties when a dry well is found, another well can be drilled close by and it will produce.

What does that mean? Did you find anything that would mean oil could be drilled ?

Pete Wrench said:

I was doing plenty of HBP title across the state line from Bailey County a year ago, looking for "open" depths for Operators to produce.

Well it sure would be nice if we could get someone to investigate our land (which is now being farmed) and find out if any oil could be drilled. Seems like horizontally it could be done. We have leases in other counties, but would be very much interested for Bailey county.

Pete Wrench said:

That means that there are several operators drilling wells in Roosevelt County, and I was looking for leases that would have allowed my client to drill to different levels than the ones already drilled by the other operators to different depths. So yes, there is activity across the state line. I don't know why they are not in Bailey County, probably something to do with the geology.