Backpay on oil and mineral rights that are owed

My aunt was collecting all the other siblings money on some property in Howard county and the found out there was other siblings and contacted my mom and the others. Everyone got their money but my mother and she was waiting for her back payment from 2011 till now from the oil company and my mom died 2 years ago and it was passed down to me and I have sent the company all they need to change it to my name and send me the check and money and they keep giving me the run arounf. How long can they keep doing this to me and what do I do to get the back payment owed to me?

You need an attorney to step in take things on for you.

You may need to contact an attorney to get everything settled. In the meantime, send a certified letter return receipt to the Division Order department of the operator and ask if they require any further document such as a probate from your mother’s estate. Then you will be ready for the attorney.

Dear Ms. Piercefield,

You stated that:

Many division order analysists have specific policies and procedures that have been set by the legal or/or land department to transfer ownership of property. Some require almost nothing, others, however, will want a copy of the death certificate, Order opening the estate, Order closing the Estate, Order appointing the executor/executrix, Statement that all Federal Taxes have been paid, etc.

Do you have a letter from the oil company showing their requirements and have you satisfied all of their requirements? Sometimes, satisfying one requirement will create two more.

I suppose my point is that if you have checked off all of the boxes and they are not releaseing funds, you might need to get an attorney invovled to protect the family interests.


Buddy Cotten

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