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Does anyone out there know of any activity in Baca County?

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Hey folks , Looks like there is going to be some drilling going on in Baca County. Recieved a letter recently to to lease my mineral rights. Would like to hear from anyone with info about the area. Many thanks in advance,Tom

I have property in S35 T29 R50 in Baca Co., where is yours?

The area of my mineral rights are Section 11-10N-4E . Any info on this area , or anyway how I can find out where its located in Baca county, would be appreciated. Thanks , Tom

Well... from what I can tell T10N R4E is in Seward County Nebraska.... about 15 miles east of Lincoln, Nebraska (see attached Google map, T10N%20R4E.JPG ).

So you may have the legal description incorrect or your property is in Nebraska, not Colorado. OR ????

My bad,,,,,,I have a few mineral enterest out there and this one ,after further reveiw is in Pottawatomie County , Oklahoma. I will do some checking ,and find out the location numbers for Baca county. Thanks guys.

Good day folks, now that I have my ducks in a row....My mineral enterest

in Baca county are NE/4 NE/4 & S/2 NE/4 of section 7, and lots 5,6,7,8,

10 & 11 & W/2 NE/4 & NW/4 &NW/4 of section 17, all in township 35

South, Range 45West, Baca county. Can anyone tell me where this is located in Baca county, and how much land this is. AS a side note....

The lease I was talking about earlier is in Pottawatomie county , Oklahoma. THis was one I had not known about. Is there a way to check and see if I have anymore mineral enterest in other counties. Hope all are haveing a great Friday.......

Oh yes the company that leased the baca property was

Raydon Exploration Inc. There lease with me was for 5years, and has expired.

Thomas: Not sure what info you have to look for other mineral interests in other counties... but if you have legal descriptions you could use the service provided by with Google Earth to get an overlay of Township/Range/sections (that is what I used on my previous post to you). Cost is a prepaid $10 then a few cents is deducted for each search you do. Or you can use the free service at (see attached map of your property from this service CO%20property.JPG )

If you just have your name to go on then that is more challenging. As far as I know, you would have to search the records of each county.

When did you do the lease with Raydon? Terms?

Thanks a bunch for help. The Raydon lease was in 2005 for 5 years.

They let it expire without notice. there was a one time payment of $250.00.

This was my first time , so I did not know much, just that my brother and sisters said sign it and send. The lease from Calyx Energy LLC is for mineral rights in Pottawatomie county in Oklahoma. That lease came with drilling details, and 5 options. we took the $200.00 per mineral acre and 3/16 royalty on a 3 year lease.

thanks again for keeping me informed, Tom

I just got contacted by someone wanting to buy my mineral rights in Baca Co? He didn't mention a company and I don't want to sell but am wondering why the sudden interest. Is anyone else being contacted?

I was contacted by Houston Oil and Gas but they have not gotten back to me yet. Still waiting. Who contacted you?

Sorry I don't know. I am a complete novice at this and the call was out of the blue and I didn't think to ask. Next time I will! My rights are in Section 33, township 28, south range 41 west of 6th pm

Our rights are all over the county, too many parcels to list. All I know is that it totals over 2500 acres… But, like I said, it is all over and I don’t know if that is a bad thing or not. I have been doing research on this subject for about a year and feel like I still have a lot to learn. I will let you know if I hear anything else. I have a guy in Denver that has provided advice. He works for an energy company, but they are not moving on Baca Cty yet. If you want his contact info let me know. He is very knowledgeable about Baca Cty.

Thank you Julene! I did find my notes and had traced the number of the man who called me and it was a Houston # though that could just be a coincidence. I appreciate your comments and will kep in mind the gentleman you mentioned.

Any activity in Baca County, Co in Township 31, Range 49 west, section 20? Any future prospects here?

Howdy all, just found this group, have MR's just east of Stonington since 51, look forward to learning more from all !

I recently inherited mineral rights in Baca county. I have zero experience with this and look for some directionm

Hi Rick,

Welcome. Not much activity in this particular group as you can see. But you came to the right web site for "direction"!! Do some browsing on the home page of the site. It's loaded with links to all kinds of educational info. You'll also find that there are some very good pros whio belong and are happy to help newbies with specific questions.