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I have minerals in NW Pecos County and have been approached to lease. Would appreciate any information you can give me on activity in this area.

I have minerals in reeves, off 20. Its the wolfbone. The leases are a standard of 25% RI. bonus probably around 1000, but we are pretty far south in the play. clayton is putting together a play, and so is Lone Star. you are further north, where all the drilling is, and i would bet you could get some multiple of what we are seeing. i figure 2x at least.

Leave it to my great grand-whatsis to do his land speculatin’ in the heart of what would one day be the Bone Spring Play … and then have nothing under it but dirt. All I can find around my land are dry holes and a couple of plugged wells. Had he just bought that 160 acres a couple of miles to the north … BINGO! Instead … tumbleweeds.


I have minerals in Culberson county sec 20 blk 58. We've had a lease for a year and a half, but no drilling yet. Does anyone have minerals nearby? I'm trying to find out success of production in that area--especially pertaining to Petrohawk. ???

Vangie, the Texas Railroad Commission has an excellent online mapping site at the following url http://gis2.rrc.state.tx.us/public/?

The day a drilling permit is approved by Texas, a permitted location is indicated on the map, so you can very easilly find-out what is going on around your minerals. I check the site many times a week.

I tried to look at the TRC today, but you have to apply for a log in ID to search drilling Permits, now! Does anyone know if there are any requirements involved for individuals applying for an ID to Login??

Go to the link at the top of the page "Data" then scroll to "Drilling Permits" then to "Drilling Applications Query" then enter in your County and Operator

hmmm you are right, it didn't need an ID earlier!!

Acid Mine Water for Fracking? By MATT HUGHES of The York Daily Record

Very interesting article - is there wastewater in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, etc. that could be used instead of freshwater for fracking? Is the drilling wastewater just too high in Total Dissolved Solids (TDS - salt, etc.) to be useful for fracking? It looks like it is directly related to the distance from the source to be economical (like most goods and services).



Is anybody seeing good production near my land--Sec 20 BLK 58 TRP2 ? Lots of new permits all around my section, but having trouble finding production info on recent wells ?

Energen CEO discussing Bone Spring and area in general.


Thanks for the link! Looks promising...

Here are the online reports from the Abilene, Odessa, and Midland papers. The Midland paper is probably the best, but has not updated for a couple weeks for some reason.

Abilene: http://www.reporternews.com/news/2012/sep/09/oil-report-992012/

Midland: http://www.mywesttexas.com/business/oil/ (scroll down)

Odessa: http://www.oaoa.com/sections/permian-basin-drilling-report/

Thank you, Wade. Exactly what I was looking for! I will get a subscription to the Midland paper.

Wade --

Thanks for posting the online reports. I note that Getty has

has a permit at:

Getty; Sec 13 T20S R29E; 990/N & 2490/W; 15 mi NE Carlsbad; Rot 12955 Bone Spring; API #30-015-40373

My holdings are nearby in Section 25, 20,21,23, but i haven't been able to contact Getty or obtain more information. Any suggestions for how I contact their home office. Obviously, I'm a newbie in the shale group.

Jim Bemis

Unless they drilling on your land, it may be hard to get Getty to talk to you. Your better bet would be with the state to see if there are any production reports for lands around you.


Thanks again.

Hard to get even a contact number with Getty. Both Yates and Getty have wells nearby. Not clear if they are using traditional drilling or newer horizontal.



Check out the Texas Railroad Commission (TRRC) website and their GIS map application for wells - for more recent wells that you are aware of - it should be clear whether the wells are horizontal or vertical. Also, one can and should review the Decision Dockets (a/k/a field rules) (don't quote me on this term - it's Docket something though) for a field as approved by the TRRC - this will let you know the acreage assigned to wells, well density and types of wells allowed. It even let's one know the upper end of yields allowed for each well so as to not allow too much depletion to make things uneconomic or unsustainable.