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Does anyone know what the lease bonus and royalty rate for Austin County right now? Raccoon Bend?

Mary, it depends a lot on the location of your property and the location of the formation. Contact me via email, I will get your legals and can help. If the play is there I can do the lease. GH

Gary- I have the same type questions- would you mind if I email you as well?

please do. I work in a TEAM of investors, land men, geogoligsts and me as a long time operator, headed by a prominent attorney that can get you leased of get you out of a miserable situation in your current lease. I have been an independent operator for over 25 years, an equipment buyer and seller, and pulling unit owner/operator. Thanks for your interest

received call from someone in a big hurry to do "exploration" for $$$ in Racoon Bend area. Said he was with Halcon. Anyone know what's up?

This county group only has 25 members so feedback is important. is there any demand around Abstract 5?

I need a copy of a mineral deed dated November 18, 1933 from James Portis et us, Lavinia Portus to A.C. Felt recorded in Vol. 101, Page 357 of the Deed Records of Austin County, Texas. Neither nor go back that far. Does anyone know another way to obtain this short of going to the court house?

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