Aus-Tex Drilling in Burleson County

Hi, I have some land very close to the Birch Unit that Aus-Tex has leased and says they are drilling on. I found the approved application at the Railroad site with Alamo Operating Company as the operator. I can't find anything that says they are actually drilling or if they have completed the well. They say the first well would be on the Krueger Unit and they are aiming for the Eagleford shale. Does anyone know if they actually are drilling?

I live in Mexico so it's hard to keep up with what's happening there in Burleson County. I'm new on this board so thanks for any help anyone might be able to give.


I replied to you in the other thread but I'll copy my comments on for others to read it.

AKK (the company you mention) are planning on spudding their first Birch Prospect well this month. I know I mentioned July above, but for whatever reason the company has recently announced that it anticipates the well to spud mid-september.

Like I said above, the plan on drilling 3 vertical wells. After this 1 of the 3 wells (which is deemed the best one drilled) will be fracced with a horizontal lateral using 10 fraccing stages and employing the Hi-WAY fraccing method.

Hope this helps.

Disclaimer: I don't hold any AKK shares, but I'm invested in another company who plan to drill the Burleson/Washington Counties next year.

Thank you. As you might imagine, I'm very interested in their results. I also will soon receive the mineral rights to some land in Washington County and Lavaca County. I need to find out exactly where they are.

Thanks again.