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Sorry if off topic here but…In Aug '18 you had an excellent post on Auditing thru the Tx comptroller. I’ve tried and get an error, without the/cong I get a log-on for “esystems”-looks like a payers site. would you post the correct URL. Thanks

Reeves County Section 3

You have left off the / after cong. The esystems page is for oil companies. Or try this:

Please note that you can find this by entering Texas Comptroller CONG in search on web browser. If you get a plain log-in page, then hit log in and you will be on the page with a left-hand column starting with Public Information. Under Lease Search - select either Lease Drop - Crude Oil or Lease Drop - Natural Gas. For oil wells, oil sales and volumes are reported under Crude Oil and gas and products are reported under Natural Gas (generally combined). For gas wells, gas and condensate (oil) are reported under Natural Gas.


Thanks so very much, its the little details that get me sometimes. Also thanks for all your informative posts.