Attroney Needed in Wirt and Ritchie Counties, West Virginia

Can someone please refer a good attorney for Wirt and Ritchie counties in West Virginia. I have mineral rights in each of the counties from separate inheritances and need information on how to proceed as well just a general idea of what if anything in actually taking place there in the way of drilling.

Randall, I read where a group of mineral owners in Wirt formed a large group to promote their mineral rights to lease. Ritchie county has been kind of quiet on here. Most of what is going on in the counties is the oil/gas companies are trying to sign as many leases as they can and any way they can. If you are going to check on leasing, Kyle Nuttall, an oil/gas attorney is on this site. He can give most info you need.

Randall, Here is Kyle's site

Thanks for the info. I or another family member will contact Kyle.

Thanks for the info. I or another family member will contact Kyle.

DT said:

Randall, Here is Kyle's site

DT, thanks for the nod in my direction.

Randall, Wirt County doesn't seem to be active right now. The one person I've spoken to from Wirt had an offer for an oil lease. But Ritchie County is picking up. Antero seems to be working that direction from Harrison and Doddridge Counties. I've gotten a few calls from other people in Ritchie County who've been presented with leases.

Good Luck, the last one I used there, I had to file an ethics complaint.

WV bar assoc. has a list

Try Morganton or Charleston

Thanks. Anything happening in Wirt or Pitt counties?

Sorry, forgot about Ritchie County also.

Ritchie County looks like rush hour 24/7, trucks are everywhere it's drillin season

About time ---- Drill Baby Drill !!!

Leza, can you be a little more specific?