Attorney Referral for Weld County/Greeley Area dealing w/ mineral rights?

Can anyone give me an attorney referral for the weld county/greeley area that deals w/ mineral rights and is reasonable please. I am having a very hard time trying to get some rights released that were held in reserve on a forclosure property i purchased. Wells Fargo held them in reserve when they forclosed the previous owners,yet when i try to work w/ them on the matter they claim they dont have the rights(even though the county shows they do).How ever i believe i have gone through over 100 people @ wells fargo and have yet to find the correct contact person to help w/ this.I have been fighting w/ them for over a year and think it is time for an attorney to perhaps try to figure this out.I have even faxed a quit claim deed to wells fargo and never get them returned. I have all these people contacting me to sign all these papers as the “surface owner” for permits to drill on property and survey and etc,yet i cant collect the pay for the rights(neither is wells fargo/since they claim they dont own the rights). So, any help very much appreciated! Thanks in advance~Linda

Try Gene burk (303) 793-3133 in centennial