Attorney Referral for Negotiating Leasing Mineral Rights

I’m looking for an attorney that can help me with a minerals lease. I recently inherited land with mineral rights in Ward County. The current lease (not drilled on) is coming due rapidly and I’m being bombarded by offers to lease that have so many terms, inclusions, etc. that I don’t understand.
Please, I’d like referrals from lessors that have had positive experiences with their attorneys.
I’d appreciate any help and advice!

Robi, I suggest you get in touch with Wade Caldwell/San Antonio. He is very familiar with Ward County leasing. How may acres do you have? Mr. Caldwell is a members of the Ward County Group.

Contact info form Wade Caldwell:

Clint Liles

Clint, thanks so much! Have you had a client relationship with him? I’m wary because my Mother previously had very bad advice so she declined to refer me to anyone - I’m on my own here.

It’s not much acreage - 25 - but it’s part of my family’s future. I want to make the most informed decisions I can on our behalf.

Robi, I have not had any dealing with Mr. Caldwell but I know of several Forum Members from Howard, Ward and Reeves County that were very pleased with Mr Caldwell's work. With no more acreage than you've got it might be less expensive to use a Independent Petroleum Landman services such as Charles Emery Tooke/Ft. Worth. He has been in the business for 38 years and very knowledgeable.